An enchanted town. A vengeful spirit. A powerful coven under siege.

For generations, the Connelly witches made a great sacrifice to protect their town. In exchange, New Mourne remained a refuge for humans and supernatural beings to live in peace. Now Brenna Burns, her sister or cousins are next in line to die—unless Brenna can find a way to end the curse of the malevolent Woman in White.

With coven protections breached, Sheriff Jake Tyler joins the battle. The witch and the shapeshifter search for answers, becoming closer every day. But how can love grow when murder and violence threaten their world?

The Town of New Mourne, Georgia, is a haven, a sanctuary for witches, shapeshifters, werewolves, fairies, Druids, and any other supernatural seeking to live peacefully in the earthly realm. However, it only remains a sanctuary if the Connelly family pays tribute to the Woman in White, the malevolent spirit that cursed the town centuries ago. 


Neely Powell

The Connellys came from Mourne, Ireland, and found a home in Georgia.